Team Leaderboards​

Everyone brags about being their team’s biggest fan, now it’s time to prove it! Earn points and compete with fans for the top spot on our leaderboards to earn rewards.

Win Fantastic Rewards

At the end of every hard fought season, the top ranking players on every team’s leaderboard will take home exciting rewards and experiences.

Matchday Experiences

Team Merchandise

Fan Tokens

SSU Loyalty Tokens

Compete With Fans

Fan Tokens let you participate in all team-related games and features. The goal is to be the most active fan on the app and battle it out for the top spot on your teams’ leaderboard.

Earning Points​

Engaging with your favorite teams is the name of the game. Vote on team polls, predict match scores, take part in team quizzes, you get the idea. Every action related to your team gives you points that boosts your ranking.

Got more questions about how to compete on leaderboards?

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